Living Legends bring Huevos Revueltos Tour

July 2, 2019

 Image by IG: @difuzion_alternativa


There are two incredible and most popular rock bands that will forever define a generation of kids who fell deeply in love with Rock en Espanol, Enanitos Verdes from Argentina & Hombres G from Spain. 


The tour brought together nostalgic and the new wave of fans to have one incredible evening of live music. Enanitos Verdes has under their belt 15 albums and countless compilations of music that every fan can sing their heart to at any given moment. Hombres G is one of the most popular bands from the 80's and their sound was influenced by English new wave.



 Images by IG: @difuzion_alternativa


The creative and musical direction of the concert was perfection. From beginning to end, every song was a fan favorite, the crowd was excited and singing along. There was hardly a time where people left their seats because when one classic finished another began and the sharing of vocals was what the Rock dreams are made of for any real fan of classic Rock en Espanol. 


The audience could not get enough and even after all the fan favorites had been played like Lamento Boliviano and Sufre Mamon, the crowd wanted more and we were not disappointed. Hopefully other musical groups can take note of the Huevos Revueltos tour and combine forces to bring back that great music, soulful and fun lyrics and create more unforgettable musical nights that none of us in attendance will ever forget. 


Special Thanks to @TheMusicJoint_


IG: @difuzion_alternativa


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