Juanes in Los Angeles

May 30, 2019

As a huge music fan, I love pretty much every type of music the world has to offer. When I received these tickets, it was a thrill. Juanes is one of my favorite artists to see live in concert and what he brings to the table is more than just music. He brings so much passion, inclusivity, and love into each of his performances. 


Speaking of inclusivity, we were honored to get to see the fresh new band, The Marías  perform as his opener. Reading up and watching performances online are nothing compared to the real thing, they are everything music needs with a wonderful mix of psychedelic dream pop, funk, and 60's lounge music. Looking forward to many summer backyard BBQs with this band as my soundtrack with songs like “Déjate Llevar,” and "Cariño". They're like if Julieta Venegas and Tame Impala had a baby. Brilliant.


With the crowd that attended, it was obvious they were here for Juanes, with the screaming, chanting and singing/swaying to his music the whole way through. From his first song, "A Dios le Pido" a track that won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Rock Song at the Latin Grammy Awards of 2002 with countless other hits old and new, and even a cover of Weezer's "Island in the Sun" (in English, because he recognizes a lot of his fans speak English, and both my husband Kiefer and I went nuts since we're HUGE fans) finishing the show with his critically accaaimed 2014 hit, "La Luz" which was a brilliant send off with its Colombian cumbia and Latin alt-rock punch with EDM grooves blended together (a song played a lot on my "Gym playlist"). 


The entire time during his set, it was nostalgia at different levels. Childhood memories, memories of when Kiefer and I were first dating, memories of anguish, and love. This is music that brings people together, no matter where you come from or if English is your first language. Thank you Juanes for bringing people together to celebrate, to dance, to reminisce and enjoy a great night, and thank you to the promoters who give small businesses a chance for their followers to participate in brilliant experiences!


Ana Julia Ferrer-Jenkins






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