Lost in Travel

February 19, 2019

Now that Winter is on it’s way out, I am excited to start to travel again.  

Traveling does not always have to mean Europe or some remote island, you can travel and discover new places in your home State.

Take a day off from the routine and hop on your car, train or subway and discover this world you live in. You may find something as cool as a vintage shop, new Instagram worthy backdrops, peace and most important yourself.

Self discovery is never ending and there is not a better remedy for me to get out of my regularly scheduled program than to plan a getaway even for a day, you will see that your mood is affected as well and mental health is as important as diet and exercise.  


If you are a fashion girl, this is also the best excuse to plan a cute outfit(s) to show off while you are off duty. Live your best life out there or let me know why traveling is more of a hassle than a reward for you? 

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