Mad about Plaid

July 11, 2018

I have always been drawn to plaid.  Even as a little girl, my father would make me these really cool outfits using plaid material. 


Today some people would associate it with hipsters, plaid is one of the most ubiquitous patterns in modern fashion. The great designers such as Alexander McQueen to Vivienne Westwood, have used this pattern possibly due to it’s preppy and punk connotations.


Rebel: The fabric's rebel uniform association with the Scottish Rebellion of 1745 against the union of Scotland and England, made tartan prohibited in the country for nearly half a century under the Dress Act. 


When I grew up in Los Angeles, the grunge movement was starting to take form, spurring what would become plaid's most notorious decade yet.


In the neighborhood all the homegirls were sporting plaid tops, and the men had theirs as well paired with Dickies or denim. It was the go to pattern aside from using solid color tees. 


Plaids historical roller coaster proves that no matter the decade, plaid will always carry with it the faintest hint of irreverence, whether it's paired with pressed khaki's or a pair of baggy jean overalls. It has always been cool, chic, a little preppy and has a historic past and a very fine hint of rebel. 

This trend will never go out of style.













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