Coming of Age

June 25, 2018

Most people raise their kids; I have been raising my child Wardrobe Divas for many years and this kid is finally growing up. 


I’ve have long wanted to cultivate a cool community where fashion is the language of expression and the messages are endless. To better describe my vision, the scene at a fashion party would not be that different from any other shows, where people come out to have fun and create memories. Now at 17, the brand has come of age. 


In the wider world, it is time to put serious dedication to using eco-friendly fabrics. During these very difficult times my ethical commitment is to extend beyond sustainability but also use proceeds from my locally printed T-shirts to go to various non profits that can use funding to continue positive change in our community. 


As an immigrant myself, I am torn about the way people treat each other by way of ignorance. I want to do whatever I can do to help, even if small, when we all do a little bit to help, it adds up.


Fashion has always meant a lot to me, and I know that the time has come to take my vision to begin to make a true difference in the world, even via way of influence. 


Check out more information about Sustainable Fashion: 





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